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Investing in the Education of Nigeria’s Children

On May 27, every year since 1964, Nigeria pauses for a moment to celebrate all the nation’s children, affirming publicly that the key to Nigeria’s future, is wrapped up in the futures of every single child in the country. Children’s Day presents an opportunity to not only celebrate children, but highlight the many challenges they face and the efforts that government, non-government agencies, civil societies and the private sector can make to improve the condition of the country’s children as a whole. To lay the foundation for a bright and prosperous future, next to food, shelter and healthcare, one of the basic rights of children everywhere is the right to education. Having an education ensu

Tomorrow's Women

The girls come in clusters. Three first and then larger numbers. And lastly, one or two latecomers. They have their smiles on — we are already familiar faces. We will still need a few icebreakers to make them feel at home. And get them into the rhythm. Eventually. There are the really quiet ones, the ones whose voices you hardly hear, even when you prod. There are the bolder, more outspoken ones. Some are quite young; a few, much older than the rest of the group. They don't all like each other, but they all know each other. That's something, isn't it? Different cultures, languages, and beliefs gather under this one canopy. And we're something like a family, unusual yes, but still. We speak a