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GGAC Anniversary

Celebrating 5 Years
of Impact!

Dear GGAC Family,

We are thrilled to share that December 1 officially marks the 5th anniversary of Give Girls A Chance (GGAC)! These past five years have been intense, exhilarating and ultimately, rewarding. We have made appreciable progress towards achieving our vision of a world where every child is in school and supported to realize their full potential. True to our mission, we have provided almost 200 girls and young women with scholarships and mentorship, enabling them to remain enrolled in school and maximize the benefits of their education.


Notwithstanding the milestones we have achieved, the past five years have also come with lots of ups and downs, particularly the disruptions caused by to the Covid-19 pandemic. Prior to the pandemic, schools served as the focal point for GGAC to interact with our beneficiaries and deliver a range of interventions from our mentorship program to our menstrual hygiene and STEM programs. The school shutdowns at the height of the pandemic, compounded by the limited accessibility to the girls during this period, severely impacted our ability to deliver on our mandate in the last two years.


However, GGAC responded to the challenge by innovating. Having established good relationships with the families and the communities where we work, we were able to maintain contact with some of the girls in our programs via their parents and guardians’ mobile phones. We leveraged funds raised through a Covid relief fundraiser to deliver care packages containing food staples, masks and soap to our girls and their families. The care packages also included worksheets to encourage the girls to keep up with their studies during the lockdown. We provided information on where families could go to seek reliable Covid-related information as well as links to radio stations that girls could tune into to engage in radio school programs serving their communities. We revamped our mentorship program to include virtual and remote/offline mentoring. As a result, we were able to maintain contact with some of our beneficiaries throughout the pandemic. And following the reopening of schools, we introduced new modalities to enhance delivery of our interventions. Driven by our desire to ensure the sustained well-being of the Nigerian girl-child, GGAC has bounced back better, faster and stronger.


To date, GGAC has raised over USD 30,000, the bulk of which goes directly to our interventions. We have a network over 55 mentors connected to our girls, both in-person and virtually. In addition to our 5 partner schools in Abuja and Maiduguri, we have over ten partners and sponsors whom we work alongside to deliver a range of relevant and targeted interventions aimed at improving the educational development of the Nigerian girl-child. Lastly, we are proud to report that, to date, our program has a 90% retention and graduation rate, for both our primary and secondary school girls combined.


We are extremely grateful to the team of dedicated volunteers and mentors working with us to impact the lives of the girls we serve. We are also extremely thankful to our donors and supporters, without whose generous support none of our work would be possible. If the last five years are a good indicator of what the next five years could look like, we are encouraged and excited. With your continued support and commitment, we look forward to continuing the good work that we have started. We invite you to continue with us on this journey.


To learn more about our milestone achievements over the past 5 years, please check out our impact snapshot.

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