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Family & Community Program

About the Program

Girl-child advocacy is the cornerstone of our work at Give Girls A Chance. We believe that advocating for girl-child education in Nigeria requires consistent engagement with the families and communities of the girls reached through our programs. Through our Family and Community Engagement Program, we conduct regular visits to the families and communities where our beneficiaries live. We utilize these interactions to carry out advocacy, training and the provision of various support services including in health and food relief, social services, and livelihoods training. Our overall aim is to demonstrate to the families and communities the benefits of girl-child education and support them so that they, in turn, can support their girls to perform better both in and out of school.


We host two main events annually — our Women’s Day Event and our Children’s Day Event. Families of our beneficiaries are invited to partake in events where we strive to showcase the talents and accomplishments of our beneficiaries to our stakeholders including the partner schools, donors, and the educational development community in Nigeria.

The world will never realize 100 percent of its goals if 50 percent of its people cannot realize their full potential. When we unleash the power of women, we can secure the future for all.
Ban Ki-Moon, former Secretary-General of the UN

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When communities come together, great things happen. Donate today to support our efforts to engage communities as we advocate for girl-child education.

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