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School Improvement Program

About the Program

We partner with public schools – both primary and secondary schools – and other local institutions to provide access to educational and learning opportunities for the girls and young women in our programs. Often, these schools are located in resource-poor communities and lack access to basic infrastructure and learning materials needed to deliver a quality educational experience. Through our School Improvement Program, we work with each partner school to upgrade the quality of their services to support them to better serve all of their students, including the girls in our program. This may include refurbishing libraries or laboratories, equipping ICT centers and in some cases introducing supplementary courses such as Digital Skills training and Menstrual Hygiene Management training, that can be delivered alongside the existing curriculum to enhance learning and wellbeing outcomes.


Through our School Improvement Program we have designed a Digital Literacy program tailored to the needs of our beneficiaries. We are currently working on establishing our Mobile ICT Lab initiative that will be designed to offer ICT training at schools and in the communities where we work all year round.

When women are educated, their countries become stronger and more prosperous.
Michelle Obama, former First Lady of the U.S.

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