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2017 Essay Competition Winners Highlight the Importance of Girls' Education

When the leadership of Give Girls A Chance got together to determine our calendar of events for 2017, we knew that we had to do something in honor of Children’s Day, which always falls on May 27 every year. As we brainstormed together, we generated many ideas including hosting a debate competition and a spelling bee or a quiz competition. Our goal was to organize an activity that children would find fun but would also stimulate them mentally. In the end, we decided on hosting an essay competition open to all secondary school girls attending schools in and around Abuja FCT, where our organization is currently headquartered. We wanted to choose a topic that was in line with our mission which is to “improve access to quality education for girls from low-income communities across Nigeria.” Statistics show that up to 50% of girls of primary and secondary school age are not enrolled in school and Nigeria holds the record for the largest proportion of out-of-school children in the world. So we challenged the girls to write an essay addressing the problem statement: "Too many Nigerian children, especially our girls, are not in school." Our essay competition had the following winners: First Prize Award: Omoge Ayomide from Premier International School Abuja "I believe in the education of the girl-child and that through it we can help empower young girls all around the country (Nigeria) and the world at large to believe in themselves, to know that they can do anything they put their minds to, but only if you believe with all your heart, and trust me, it will come true." Second Prize Award: Sadiq Lateefa from Junior Secondary School Durumi Abuja "In order to achieve development and growth in Nigeria, the only way to achieve this is by having sound builders of the society. And who are those builders? They are the girl-children, the future mothers and leaders of our great country." Third Prize Award: AnnaLazarus Agmada from Junior Secondary School Durumi Abuja "Every child deserves a free education, this includes every girl child. The issues facing girl-child education are issues that demand more attention at every level of society, including in villages, towns, cities, rural and urban areas, from the government and from private citizens." These girls discussed girl-child education in Nigeria and reasons for girls being left behind in school. This included the cultural, social, and religious norms of society that exclude girls from having the same opportunity as boys. It was refreshing to read responses from young girls who challenged the status quo. They want the same opportunity as their male counterparts and want to be seen as able to achieve anything in respective of gender. Education for all, creates a productive nation where excellence and equality thrives in all gender. #EssayCompetition

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