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GGAC Honored with Nigeria Women Achievers Award

This past February, Give Girls A Chance was recognized by the Nigerian Women Achievers Award (NWAA) for our advocacy for the girl child. We are honored to accept the award from the NWAA and will continue to tenaciously uphold advocacy, education, and capacity building to create pedestals for the girl child in Nigeria and globally.

The NWAA's mission is "to be a global medium of celebrating great achievements, professionals, talents, respectable personalities, rare creativity, and corporate bodies who are role models in diverse areas of human endeavor, especially those who have made a positive impact on Nigerian youths and the populace at large."

At GGAC, our mission is to improve the lives of Nigerian girls and young women through access to quality education and skills training. We aim to do this by addressing issues related to lack of access to and low levels of awareness of the importance of education and skills training for women, and the poor infrastructure of educational institutions in Nigeria.

The award was presented at a ceremony in Lagos on February 4, 2023.

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