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  • Uloma Ogba and Hauwa Balami

GGAC's Theory of Change

At Give Girls A Chance, we believe that improving quality education for girls in Nigeria requires building an ecosystem of support around the girl-child. As a result, we have designed multi-stakeholder interventions centered around the girls participating in our programs.

Through our Scholarship and Mentoring Program, we provide girls with scholarships and facilitate regular mentorship sessions with dedicated, volunteer mentors, often professional women from surrounding communities.

Through our Family and Community Program, we engage with families and communities of girls through community events and one-on-one visits to advocate for girl-child education and provide support services as needed.

Our School Improvement Program is focused on partnering with local public schools to provide teacher training opportunities, host platforms for creative expression for students, distribute funds for school upgrades, and facilitate workshops on menstrual hygiene management and digital skills.

Finally, with our Advocacy Campaigns, we organize events to draw attention to the current state of the girl-child and girl-child education in Nigeria to raise awareness and support.

Over the past five years of implementation, our interventions have translated into tangible benefits for the girls in terms of improved knowledge, skills, and attitude, all of which ultimately impact their grades, school attendance, and well-being. We are also seeing a gradual but consistent improvement in the quality of education offered by our partner schools and an increase in the overall support for girl-child education at the family, community, and local levels.

Learn more about our Theory of Change and the logic underpinning our approach by downloading our report.

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